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Verrucas and Warts

Our verruca and wart treatments have an 83% rate of success!

Verrucas and Warts

Non-invasive treatment with no downtime and no side effects – even for multiple problem areas. Our verruca and wart treatments have an 83% rate of success!

Do I have verrucas or warts?

Warts are small, rough lumps or growths on your skin. They can appear on any part of the body but are most common on hands, feet and knees. A wart on the foot is called a verruca and often grows inward, which can be very painful, especially when they appear on the sole of the foot.


What happens at my appointment?

A full medical history and lifestyle review will be taken and the appropriate style of treatment advised.

If SWIFT is recommended, you can rest assured that microwave therapy is completely safe (aside from the usual kitchen appliances, microwaves are used in a number of everyday applications we associate with them less often: standard wifi and cordless phones all use microwaves to send data; as do most GPS navigation systems). SWIFT treatment takes only seconds per site to apply with the latest research meaning that treatment is completely pain-free.

silver application

Silver Application

Naturally anti-microbial, silver nitrate is often used for ‘new’ or shallow lesions.

swift laser treatment

SWIFT – microwave therapy

As few as three 20 minute sessions

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