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Widely accepted as a way to enhance performance and maximise the use of the body.


Orthotics are becoming more and more widely accepted as a way to enhance performance and maximise the use of the body.

But are they?  The barefoot movement tells us we should have as little between us and the ground as possible…  whenever we deal with the body, in reviewing a particular person’s body for any imbalance or enhancement to achieve better, a holistic approach yields the best answers.  Inquiry around lifestyle, ambitions, daily demands and long-term goals provides a baseline of information for an experienced professional to then assess and advise from.

If you want to go from 3-inch heels in the day to training in climbing shoes for the charity Kilimanjaro Trek later in the year, you will require different advice from the person commuting in trainers, wearing dress shoes in the office, but whose knee hurts only when they go upstairs.

3-D Printed the most hygienic Orthotics


The latest in heat-moulded precision orthotics, manufactured while you wait.

PodFo_3Dorthotics 21st century

Permanent Orthotics

State-of-the-art 3-D orthotics designed and manufactured in the UK. These are laser printed and sintered for the ultimate in durability.

What will happen at a session?

Orthotics are only prescribed following a biomechanic assessment.

After the assessment the orthotic choice which works best for your needs, wants and lifestyle will be discussed with you and together you will agree on the best way forward.

Not everybody who comes in for a pair of orthotics requires a follow-up session (e.g.  if it’s a replacement pair in the following year), so this is not an ‘automatic’ at our clinic, but may be advised, especially if it is the first time you are using orthotics or following injury and perhaps need a little time to get used to having support in your shoes before the true custom adjustments are made.

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