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Biomechanical Assessment

Make sure your skeleton is supporting you, not your muscles!

What is a biomechanical assessment?

Foot, ankle, knee and hip pain are often caused by the way the forces come together through the body with each step we take.

Most of us walk without a thought of what we’re actually doing or how we’re doing it.  But when we add extra weight or duration, say with our training regime, imbalances often appear.  Or maybe that ‘twinge’ when you went running is now showing up when you go up or down stairs too.  Or stopping you from going further or faster now?

A biomechanical assessment will highlight what the body is doing in relation to the foot and vice versa so that when we stabilise, mobilise or aid the range of motion of the foot and ankle in particular, the whole body moves more efficiently. Thereby eliminating, or at least reducing pain, particularly in the joints.

Biomechanical Assessment

What happens at a session?

No matter what you do –  running across a football pitch or getting off the massage table – you need to get yourself from place A to place B. Our experienced podiatrists review your body in stasis and in motion, utilising different techniques to best gauge how you use your entire body, through the gait (walking) cycle. This informs what force is being put through which areas of the body in order to assess for where equilibrium is ‘off’ and more importantly, how to restore it.

Sometimes it is a case of re-educating the body through exercise. Sometimes mobilisation is required to get the bones articulating better, with each other and with the nearest joint. Sometimes orthotics may be needed, or be the simplest way to get a new message to repeat through the body and to the receptors in the brain.

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Biomechanical Assessment

Standing, seated and walking review of your body in motion.  

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